Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Unable to Keep An Eye On CAIR - Part 6.1

We were unable to keep an eye On CAIR this time because CAIR apparently bears a grudge against any individual or group that has the temerity to do anything other then blindly swallow CAIR’s dubious propoganda. Dinah Lord at Maverick News caught this one.

CAIR was holding their news conference today to announce the Six Flying Imams lawsuit. It was soon clear that CAIR did not want anyone there that might raise uncomfortable questions regarding the veracity of the Six Imams in light of the substantial evidence to the contrary, nor, for at least one of them, questions about his significant ties to organizations shut down in the past few years for their criminal ties to terrorist entities. Apparently, CAIR expected just such questions from CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network. And thus, the CBN crew were unceremoniously ejected from the premises by Ibrahim Hooper, who added

We have long barred the Christian Broadcasting Network from our news conferences because of their long, long history of vicious, anti-Muslim bigotry. And we have no motivation to promote that kind of intolerance. And it's a private function and we have decided they are not welcome.
If the irony of that statement does not have you rolling on the floor in gales of laughter, you either have no sense of humor or simply are not yet up to snuff on the nature of Wahhabi Islam and the track record of CAIR -- in which case its time to hit the books.

Please read Ms. Lord's entire post here.

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