Thursday, March 15, 2007

U.K. Multiculturalists Gone Wild

How can you tell when you have carried the philosophy of multiculturalism past the very furthest of societal boundaries? When even the Muslim Council of Britain -- the U.K.'s main Wahabbi organization -- calls your actions nuts.

It seems that an elementary school teacher in the U.K., caught up in a rapturous burst of multiculturalism, decided to redo the words and lyrics of a school play of the "The Three Little Pigs" and change it all to . . . "The Three Little Puppies." The goal of course was to avoid offending Muslims by making pig references. What makes this already absurdly extreme act especially precious is that Muslims view dogs as unclean. But I add that just as an aside.

One might think that a few of the more radical Muslims might have applauded the teacher's voluntary assumption of the status of dhimmi, but no. Muslims of all sects, even Wahhabis, were offended by the teacher's multicultural faux pas:

. . . [Y]esterday Islamic leaders condemned the politically correct move as misguided and said decisions like this were turning Muslims into 'misfits' in society.
. . . .
. . . Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra from the Muslim Council of Britain branded the move 'bizarre'. He said: "The vast majority of Muslims have no problem whatsoever with the Three Little Pigs. It's always been the traditional way of telling the story and I don't see why that should be changed.

"There's an issue about the eating of pork, which is forbidden, but there is no prohibition about reading stories about pigs. This is an unnecessary step."
. . . .
Other recent rows have involved 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' being changed to 'Baa Baa rainbow sheep' and Christmas events called 'winter' festivities. Mr Mogra said: "How far are we going to go? Are we going to change the seven dwarves because it's discriminatory towards people who are physically less able? Where do you draw the line?

Ahhhh, the insanity of British multiculturalists. The degree of humor they provide is almost enough to counter the feelings of despair their acts engender over the suicide of Western civilization. But then again, perhaps this is evidence that the nutso multiculturalists are on to something. Anyone familiar with Shakespeare's play The Taming of the Shrew will recall how Petruchio tamed Kate by going over the top with kindness. Maybe thats what we should do -- all convert to Wahhabi Islam and become so fastidious and over the top that even the radical Islamists run away screaming. Just a passing thought.

Do please see the rest of the article here. For a less humorous look at the roots of the U.K.'s problem with multiculturalism, please see here.

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