Monday, March 12, 2007

National Security Letters

This from, who have the same take on NSL's as I do:

Put into context, if Congress takes steps to limit FBI NSL authority or diminish the PATRIOT Act, the only beneficiaries will be terrorists. Taking away or limiting important counterterrorism investigative tools makes us much more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The responsible and sensible path of action for Congress is to ensure counterterrorism authorities are properly used. It would be inappropriate to diminish mechanisms and capabilities to protect our country.

Time and again, with disclosures of government programs concerning counterterrorism tactics, select members of the media, Congress and other segments of society express outrage against the government. They lose sight of the fact that the government is doing its damnedest to protect us from the threat of terrorism. It would be refreshing if occasionally these same critics would turn their venom and outrage to the terrorists. After all, terrorism is the root of the problem.

Before Congress moves to limit the government they should stop to remember why the NSL program has been used so extensively since 9/11, why the PATRIOT Act was passed and why the government conducts counterterrorism activities. These tools and mechanisms are not used to violate anyone’s civil rights, freedoms or liberties. They are used to protect us against the threat of deadly terrorist attacks.
Read the whole article here.

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