Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Leaks of Murtha/Pelosi Plan

As we know from the past three years, all things in Washington leak, including confidential Democratic plans to pull out of Iraq. Originally scheduled to be made public on Thursday, Scott Ott of Scrapleface has managed to get a copy of the plan. As Scott tells us:

Although some Congressional Republicans complained that Democrats stuffed the bill with unrelated provisions, Rep. Pelosi insisted that “all of its diverse parts share a common thread.”

In addition to the plan to pull out U.S. troops if the Iraqi government fails to meet certain benchmarks for quelling sectarian violence on a prescribed timeline, the bill also contains language that would…

–Withdraw police from high-crime neighborhoods in major U.S. cities until street gangs put an end to shootings, stabbings and other criminal acts. The bill would allow police to remain in the neighborhood only if they were no longer needed.

– Change the law to require victims of violent crime to stand up to their attackers before the police will intervene to protect them. . .

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