Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UN Report - Israel Has Not Harmed the Temple Mount

A vocal minority of the Muslim world, CAIR included, has sought to demonize the Israelis, manipulate world opinion, and whip Muslims into a frenzy over allegations that Israel was damaging the Temple Mount in the process of restoring a damaged gateway. It is an utter canard that I previously posted here. Eye on the World is reporting on a just released UN report absolving the Israelis and stating that there is no evidence of any damage to the Temple Mount as part of Israeli excavations. Read the entire post.

Update: Haaretz has an article on the UNESCO report here. While Israel is absolved of harming the Temple Mount, UNESCO is asking Israel to stop the dig until "international parties" arrive with the intent of observing Israel's every move. That sounds like a potential nightmare, given the anti-semetic bent of so many "international parties" these days. Let us hope that Israel sticks with its construction schedule.

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