Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Skepticism of the Goracle's Recoligion

Fausta has an excellent post on, as she terms it, Medieval Environmentalism. She provides numerous links and embedded videos as she examines various facets of the recoligion, as well as entertains with a story of a brush with death caused by her own blasphemy. She comes away not totally convinced in the dogma expounded by the Goracle and his alcolytes, but, fortunately, with her head still attached to her body.

Last year I became convinced that belief in Medieval envoronmentalism and Global Warming is a religion. I was attending a conference and during lunch break the subject of global warming came up. I politely stated, "I'm not totally sold on global warming".

Mind you, I didn't say "I don't believe in global warming", or "antropologically-induced global warming is a scam", or "this is such hooey", or anything like it. I just said (in a near-whisper at that) that I wasn't totally sold on global warming.

The reaction around the table was that of intense shock and disgust. One man put down his sandwich and turned red.

Had I verbalized the most appallingly obscene blasphemy I would not have received such disgust. I even speculate that some of those present might have even admired my "courage" and "honesty" in the name of "diversity".

After much animated conversation, and intense placating from a very conciliatory lady sitting next to me who got everybody to calm down by agreeing not to kill me on the spot (I belive the sandwich guy was contemplating where to hide my corpse) and my saying that "climate changes", I knew I was, definitely and beyond a doubt, in the presence of True Faith: they had Seen the Light, and the Light was set on Warm.

But you gotta give Al credit - he's the only man in history to have won an Oscar for a souped-up powerpoint presentation.
Read the rest of her post here.

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