Thursday, March 15, 2007

Those Lying Dhimmihs

The dhimihs are lying, at least according to Sheikh Taysir Tamimi, chief Palestinian Justice and the second most important Palestinian cleric after the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. According to the Sheikh, Christians are lying about Jesus -- he is not the son of God who rose from the dead, but rather a prophet of Islam -- as was Moses. And then there is the West Wall in Jerusalem. Apparently that was simply a place for Mohammed to hitch his horses. And as to all the contemporaneous historical writings about the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount - now the site of al Aksa Mosque, they are not but forgeries.

In a WND exclusive interview, Tamimi, who preaches regularly from the Al Aqsa Mosque, claimed Jews have no historical connection to Jerusalem or Israel and that the Jewish Temples never existed.

"Israel started since 1967 making archeological digs to show Jewish signs to prove the relationship between Judaism and the city and they found nothing. There is no Jewish connection to Israel before the Jews invaded in the 1880's," said Tamimi.

"About these so-called two Temples, they never existed, certainly not at the Haram Al- Sharif (Temple Mount)," Tamimi said.

How is it possible to deal with people like this who have no respect for anyone not of their faith and who acknowledge no one else's concerns being equal to their own. Negotiation is certainly not possible. Read the whole story here.

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