Monday, March 12, 2007

Keeping an Eye On CAIR (& Friends): Part 4

Dinah Lord at Maverick News has an excellent post rounding up the goings on today of CAIR and a governmental organization, the Organization of Islamic Conference.

CAIR has persuaded a New Jersey Democratic Congressman, Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr, to arrange for a room for CAIR to hold a meeting tommorow in the U.S. Capitol Building, ostensibly to hold a panel discussion on "Global Attitudes on Islam-West Relations: U.S. Policy Implications." This is little more then a photo opportunity for CAIR propoganda and it is disgraceful that this organization should be given access to our halls of government. Please, contact your elected representatives and let them know that the U.S. government should not be supporting CAIR, an extremist organization with known ties to terrorists, by allowing them space in the U.S. Capitol.

White House
Your Senators
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As to the OIC, it is an organization of 57 Islamic countries. According to Ms. Lord, the OIC wants to hold a summit in America to counter the bad publicity that Islam has gotten of late. Given that the membership includes Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, there is nothing of truth or good that can come of such summit. As Ms. Lord further states:

You can also tell the direction they're going with this thing. They're the modern day version of the little boy who cried wolf - only this time they're crying Islamophobia. They've been doing it in the EU (here, here, and here.) Now they want to bring their little road show to the US.

I say look for lots of airport security incidents in their wake - remember the Flying Imams and the stunt they tried to pull after their last little confab????

Read the whole post here.
Update: Republican Members of the House are calling the Democrats on this one. Note also the response from CAIR's spokesman Ibrahim Hooper, who does not deny CAIR's relationship to Hamas, etc., but rather brings up how they interacted with with President Bush in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, before most of the country understood the nature of the radical Islamic threat and CIAR. Read the article here.

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